At J.S Electrics we offer design, installation & maintenance of a wide range of fire alarm system types & manufacturers. Our engineers are fully insured and have completed relevant training to BS 5839 Part 1 by the Fire Industry Association for design, maintenance and installation & testing. All of our services are delivered to the highest of standards and we ensure customers’ our closest attention at all times. All works are issues with relevant certification on completion.

Conventional Systems

– Ideal for smaller premises where the layout of the building is relatively simple.
– System consists of one or multiple “zones” which coincide to a particular area.
– Relatively simple set-up as no configuration or programming is required.

Analogue-Addressable Systems

– Exact location of activation displayed on LCD display
– Devices can have their sensitivity individually altered to suit their location
– Options of “Cause & Effect” programming
– Access to an event log to show current & previous events.
– Individual user passwords & access rights.

Wireless & Hybrid Systems

– Allows for rapid and reliable installations in the most difficult and challenging environments.
– Ideal for temporary installations where fire detection is required.
– Limits the amount of cable required & saves time of install meaning more cost effectiveness.
– Shares the same specification as analogue-addressable systems.

Maintenance & Servicing

–  It is important for regular inspection and servicing of a system to be carried out, in order to identify and rectify any faults.

– The inspection should also ensure that the user is notified of any changes made to the actual fabric of the building – e.g. extensions, alterations or remedial work.

– The recommended period between successive inspection and servicing visits should not exceed six months – failure to implement this recommendation will result in the system not being compliant with BS 5839-1, with no allowance for variation.